Ecommerce - Both an opportunity and a threat 

Customers and competitors are increasingly moving their solutions, development (and revenue) online these days - and the competition is global. It's about selling (more), but also defending what you've already built. 

The development offers great opportunities through few crucial strategic choices. "Commerce" is the most important part of the word E-Commerce - In short, sound business acumen - It sounds easy, but it has been found that the challenge is often to get an overview of the key changes in the business system and to ensure that they play together in a new way in the digital world.


The new digital sales channels - from idea to success 

Online sales are often adding to existing sales channels - but this kind of sales has in most cases other requirements than e.g. the existing B-t-B trade - Orders are typically smaller and more frequent – And shop is open 24/7/365 across time zones - These factors challenges the company's internal business systems and processes.

The transport and logistics system is often an overlooked area when launching a new digital sales channel or new markets - But it's a unique opportunity to differentiate, especially by choosing the right first and last mile solutions and service levels – The experience can for example be crucial to whether customers perceive it as easy to purchase and e.g. return. Effective logistics thus provides both satisfied customers and net income  Whether it's opening a brand new online sales channel and / or seeking out new markets  these are strategic choices.

Experts4Experts have expertise in concept development

Experts4experts provides independent expertise and advice when launching online sales and entry, re-entry or omni channel in export markets. We at Experts4Experts know the challenges and can - through a qualifying process, creative processes and clarification of future needs - create value in selecting and attracting the right competencies, thus ensuring the company's continued development.



Experts4Experts er medlem af DI Handel - E-commerce netværk
Experts4Experts is a member of Federation of Danish Industries - E-commerce network


"If your business is not online, it does not exist"

Federation of Danish Industries launched their B2B e-commerce analysis in the spring of 2017, asking 1000 Danish companies and their purchasing managers - The analysis looked at the trading companies' value chains that are changing as a result of the digital conversion. 

The analysis shows that 2 out of 3 companies has made professional purchases over the web. In addition, the analysis shows that 74% of buyers use the online channels to seek knowledge of a new potential supplier and it occurs during all of the selection phases. Last but not least, buyers are expecting online B2B procurement to rise or rise significantly in the coming years, including those who do not buy web purchases today!




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