Company Days

Common goals. Significantly increased motivation.

Company Days are well-organised days where your managers and key personnel work in a focussed manner on the future business objectives and the required strategy to achieve them.

Company Days are designed for organisations that …

  • Are prepared to bring key personnel along to a tailor-made programme where we work on themes of major strategic significance.
  • Are committed to eradicating doubt and going all-in to find solutions.
  • Are uncompromising about a strategy seminar where you can be certain that your decisions are brought to life.

By evaluating your strategy on Company Days your business achieves:

  • Shared goals, focus and clear priorities in the management team and among key personnel.
  • Development of the business so that it creates (even) greater value for customers and owners, and ultimately better profitability.
  • A situation where all managers and key personnel know their responsibilities and challenges.
  • Clear and precise internal communication which improves the business's cohesion.

This is how it is done

Company Days are tailored to meet your challenges and time plan. The process can be run over 2-3 consecutive days or over a number of shorter workshops held during a longer period, depending on the theme, management team and any requirements for the process.

Company Days are suitable for any sizegroups ranging from a few people to a large number.

For further information on the Company Days process?

Call Preben Møller Nielsen on +45 2065 5930 (direct line) or Britta Hedegaard on +45 2440 0477 for a confidential discussion.


Examples of strategy tasks:

  • Strategy plan for Scandinavian ports and airports
  • Facilitation of strategy process for a medium-sized manufacturing business in a turn-around process
  • Wording of overall goals and strategy for a small manufacturing company in connection with the appointment of a new manager
  • Facilitation of strategy for a major industrial business in connection with succession planning