Executive Search

Recruiting the ideal candidate

The world is changing faster than ever and becoming more complex. It is a big challenge to identify and attract candidates who possess the right skills and have the right profile, and who often already have a good job.

With our insight, network and sector knowledge we can engage people in dialogue. We seek out the right candidates, and we know how to get them interested.

The starting point for an Executive Search process:

  • A thorough understanding of the task/business/department. We make sure that we share the same view of the future manager and the skills that the new manager is expected to bring to the business.
  • Early on in the process we focus on personality, behavioural characteristics, required skills and both short and long-term goals.
  • We put together a plan for the search process, how to approach the market and candidates, and begin with a confidential preliminary contact of potential candidates.
  • We evaluate a candidate's suitability with a methodical and comprehensive process, where the candidate's style of leadership and track record is exposed through a thorough discussion of current and previous positions, success factors, behaviour and motivating factors.
  • A pragmatic and honest discussion leads on to an evaluation of whether there is a good match between the candidate, the opportunities or challenges in the environment within which the candidate must operate.
  • On the basis of this we present you with a selection of top candidates.

The confidential relationship which we build up during the process means that we often have an important role for both the candidate and the business when the decision is made.


Do you want to talk about an Executive Search?

Please contact us for a confidential discussion, and hear our views on the next steps in the recruiting process.


Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you. Or call Preben Møller Nielsen på +45 20 65 59 30 (direct line).



Examples of recruitment:

  • Divisional manager for a major international business in the transport and logistics sector
  • Managing director for a medium-sized, family-owned business manufacturing special machinery
  • Country manager for Denmark for an international business in Switzerland
  • Project specialist for an international niche business
  • Director for a global project organisation with HQ in France
  • Department manager for International Finance & Controlling in an international logistics business
  • Country manager for Sweden for a German-owned international road transport company
  • Area sales manager Nordic for a growing business in the medical sector
  • Quality manager for a niche business in the medical sector
  • Regional director for Asia
  • Production manager with strong supply chain management competencies for a major industrial business
  • Designer with project management skills and commercial flair for a project organisation
  • Board members and chairperson for businesses in the transport and logistics, production and service sectors

And many others …