Supply Chain Management

A Competitive value chain

Supply chain management is essential for the competitiveness of virtually all internationally working companies.  

An important part of a successful Supply chain is to attract and retain the right skills. Competencies are often the focal point in company's further development and growth. 

Supply chain management is strategic. Choosing whom to co-operate with in a supply chain and on which key elements are strategic issues. Supply chain management requires the exchange of information and integration of processes with other companies in the supply chain. 

supply chain management

The Supply chain management is often indicated falsely as a synonym for logistics, but logistics must be seen as the foundation whereas supply chain management is the superstructure.

The Lead time must be the shortest possible time to reduce resource constraints in the production cycle and to ensure that customers receive the products they want as fast as possible.

Understanding customer demand is the key in the competitive supply chain. Modern supply chain management matches supply and demand, is global, sustainable and works systematically.

This means that the decisions and choices made somewhere in the supply chain have an impact on other links in the chain and ultimately on the supply chain as a whole. We must therefore understand the impact and act accordingly. 

At Experts4Experts, we know the challenges, and can - through a qualifying process, creative approaches and clarification of future needs – create value in terms of selecting and attracting the right skills and thus ensuring the company's continued development.