Owner-managed businesses

Do you need owner-manager sparring in your decision-making and change processes?

Owner-managed businesses have a special DNA because they are often strongly driven by a vision. Frequently the owner-manager is left alone to face challenges, choices and deliberations about which strategy to adopt.

Experts4Experts work with owner-managers from different sectors and types of business, and we have particular knowledge of the challenges that come with owning a significant part of a business while being personally responsible for its overall management.

Typical Expert4Experts solutions for owner-managers:

  • Support in managing your business
    Owner-managers have typically started out by themselves and built their business up from scratch. Suddenly there are several employees, which could give leadership problems.
    We can help you with these.
  • Support with strategy processes and recruitment of key personnel
    Another one of our key competencies is ensuring there are the right key personnel – from managers to specialists – and facilitating strategy processes that bring employees together with a clear common direction and purpose. 
  • Sparring, when things go well – and not so well
    Experts4Experts can be your personal sparring partner – both when things are going well and conditions for growth must be encouraged, and when things are not going well and you need someone to discuss your challenges and personal worries with.
  • Planning controlled growth
    Most owner-managed businesses grow through what the world of sports calls a 'controlled offensive’. We help you to plan for a controlled development and ensure that the business grows in accordance with your ideas and vision.
  • Succession planning
    Regardless of whether you want to pass on your business to the next generation in the family or pass it on to a third party, we will help you to think about the long term and ensure a value-based change of ownership.